A Note on Donations to The Sierra Chamber Society
The SCS is most grateful for your generosity.  All donations are tax deductible and, with your permission, are acknowledged in our concert programs throughout the season in which they are made.  Online donations are welcome and processed via PayPal.  PayPal will acknowledge your donation and advise the SCS of it, but you will also receive a personal thank you from the SCS for tax purposes.

Since PayPal subtracts a significant fee for this service, the SCS suggests that larger donations be made by regular mail via check made out to:

“The Sierra Chamber Society”
and mailed to:
SCS, PO Box 4485, Walnut Creek, CA 94596.

Donations may also be made by credit card with the following information included in a note sent to the address above:  
• Amount of donation
• Type of credit card,
• Name as it appears on the card
• Billing address with zip code, account number, expiration date, security code (on the back).  

Please make sure you include your mailing address (if different than billing address), email address and contact phone number in case of issues.  We never share any of this information.

If your employer might consider a matching gift, or if you might consider a future bequest, please contact Christie Beardsley, our business manager, by leaving a message at the SCS voicemail number, (925) 322-0994.